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News from November 2012

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Katherine performs in Langholm on November 28th

24 Nov 2012

The concert will take place at the Buccleuch Centre, Langholm, and as well as the Bach Suite will also include works by Mozart and Grieg. The performance begins at 7.30pm.

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Question and Answer session with Katherine!

19 Nov 2012


Katherine here!

Thank you so much for everyone that gets in touch - it's so fantastic to get lovely feedback and hear from people directly. I am often also asked a variety of questions, so I thought it was about time that I answered some of them for you! SO here goes....

When is your next album going to be released? April. I am currently in the process of editing it and I'm also in consultation with the design team about the look of it. It's all very exciting.

What repertoire is on it? Some amazing pieces! It's another disc with orchestra (my wonderful RSNO!) and we play concertos by Rouse and Ibert, as well as Martin's Ballade (with strings and piano) and a little palate cleanser in the middle - Debussy's Syrinx.

What shoe size are you? One of the more unusual questions I've been asked! I'm a size 8. I have quite big feet, but they are well loved... I have over 100 pairs of shoes!

Who inspires you as a musician? I don't know where to start, I have too many! I love watching old recordings of Horowitz playing the piano. He had such a natural ease of music making. I also find it really inspiring to listen to violinists such as Frank Peter Zimmermann - I try and play the flute like a violin sometimes, and aim to ignore limitations that the flute has - especially in terms of breathing! I am a lucky girl, as many of my colleagues in the RSNO also inspire me on a daily basis. Ooh and I saw Beyonce live in LA once... and she was pretty incredible!

Can you cook? Not very well! I like baking... but not too often! I'm definitely not gifted in the kitchen unfortunately.

Do you like Broadway shows, and if so what is your favourite? Again, not something I get asked often! I do like shows - and I have HUGE respect for the performers. The energy they need to act, sing AND dance like that is incredible! I saw Hairspray in the West End recently and loved it.

More questions and answers to come in the not too distant future.... Keep sending me your queries!


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